10 Silver Earrings That Make a Statement

silver earrings

Argento Vivo $40 $19.20

The hunt for fabulous silver earrings can be a trying one. Gold and colorful baubles have been leading the fashion-forward jewelry charge for some time. This leaves those craving the bright delight of a silver statement earring with a scanty supply involving rhinestone covered hoo-ha that is too dressy, too cheesy, or both. To expedite the search for more amazing choices, here are nine statement making silver earrings that I have put on my clients recently. . .

Meadowlark Small Wildflower Stud Earrings

I absolutely adore these Meadowlark Small Wildflower Stud Earrings. They pop beautifully in the ear, despite being studs. They also sit pertly in the ear, instead of sagging like other statement stud earrings.

Meadowlark Bluebell Drop Earring

If you are feeling edgy, add this Meadowlark Bluebell Drop Earring to your shopping cart and pair it with one of the Meadowlark stud earrings above. The metal matches perfectly to create that flawless drama of an asymmetrical look.

Melanie Auld Pavé Hoop Earrings

These Melanie Auld Pavé Hoop Earrings are perfection. Every other standard silver hoop wilts in the face of these sparkly babies. They are lightweight, chic, and work for both everyday and a statement look. Try the York Bracelet for a complete look.

Meadowlark Revival Medium Hoop Earrings

The Meadowlark Revival Medium Hoop Earrings are edgy, interesting, and fresh. Pair with the Meadowlark ‘Revival’ ring for the full look.

Argento Vivo Front Hoop Earrings

Like all the items on this list, these Argento Vivo Front Hoop Earrings are lightweight and fabulous. The thing I love most about the earring is that it sits perfectly forward. Many of my clients have issues with hoops due to an awkward piercing angle or hair pushing the earring around. These babies are immune to such things. Pair with the Bar Station Bracelet to complement the earrings.

Lele Sadoughi Crystal Palm Grass Earrings

silver earrings

Lele Sadoughi $355 ($50 to rent)

I will be wearing these Lele Sadoughi Crystal Palm Grass Earrings on New Year’s Eve. I love the sparkly dangle without being stereotypically dressy.

Karine Sultan Linear Silver Earrings

These Karine Sultan Linear Earrings are for those who want to make a statement, quietly. They look best on petite women with less voluminous hair. Pair it with the adjustable Angelique ring in silver to finish the look.

Ippolita Rock Candy Silver Four-Stone Hoop Earrings

Ippolita has always made beautiful silver earrings and the Wonderland Rock Candy Four-Stone hoop is my favorite. I love how it can be dressed up or down. Pair it with the Glamazon squiggle ring and the Rock Candy three-stone ring. Put each ring on a different hand, or place them next to each other. Top it all off with one or a few Ippolita skinny hammered bangles.

Argento Vivo Modern Organic Asymmetrical Drop Earrings

silver earrings

Argento Vivo $48 $19.20

These Argento Vivo Modern Organic Asymmetrical Drop Earrings are wonderfully unique and insanely lightweight. I was truly surprised by their barely there presence.

Anna Beck ‘Gili’ Small Drop Earrings

I love these Anna Beck Circle Drop Earrings for an every day look. Pair it with the Anna Beck ‘Gili’ ring for a complete minimalist look.

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