personal stylist san diego

I was born and raised in San Jose, California before moving to San Diego to get my Costume Design degree in Theatre and Film. In 2006, I began styling for television programs starring the likes of Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Bo Derek, Morgan Fairchild, Robert Buckley and Joe Manganiello. Since then I have expanded into editorials and catalogue shoots, but my core focus is personal styling.

As a personal stylist, I am passionate in protecting my clients from the waste and misinformation pushed on women by hungry sales associates and overzealous media sources. My clients love this passion as well as the efficiency of my service.

In 2007, I created V-Style to deliver supplemental consulting to my clients, and provide relevant fashion commentary for like-minded women around the world. Just like my service, V-Style is efficient, well researched and personal. Each blog post recommends high-style garments and quality products I have put on my clients or used myself because V-Style is all about fashion that works. We don’t have time for anything less. We have fabulous lives to lead.