The Most Comfortable Turtleneck – How To Wear A Turtleneck

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top: Caslon, cape: Vince Camuto, pants: Burberry Brit boots: Joan& David, hat: San Diego Hat Co, purse: DKNY

A sexy basic for cold weather is the light weight turtleneck. I’m guessing a lot of you have been skipping the turtleneck for various reasons. Perhaps you didn’t know how to wear a turtleneck or you didn’t know which one to buy. Perhaps, you just lacked the inspiration. Well, allow me to inspire you.

Which Turtleneck To Buy

One of my clients swears by the Wolford Portland Seamless turtleneck. I like the quality and sleekness, but it can be a bit shiny for some outfits. For instance, as pictured, I prefer the look of a cotton based turtleneck with the sheen of a leather skirt, instead of adding more shine with the spandex look of the Wolford. Splendid also has a good one, but my absolute favorite light weight turtleneck is Caslon. Truly, it is the most comfortable turtleneck. The fabric is pajama soft and I love the way the neck isn’t claustrophobic. It’s like a whisper at your neck that piles softly on itself. You can fold it as well, but the piling is sexier and more laid back. I also like that the Caslon comes in all needed colors: black, grey, brown and cream.

How To Wear A Turtleneck

If you have a flat stomach, wear this form fitting turtleneck with anything you like from jeans to slacks. But if you have a pouch, I recommend tucking it into a forgiving high waisted skirt. I also like to use the turtleneck as a layering base. I use it under capes, fur vests, or sleeveless dresses.

most comfortable turtleneck

personal stylist

how to wear a turtleneck

Photos by Dayley Photography

Make-up: Antonella Annibale

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