Most Versatile Purse Color

Updated March 2018

Like many of my clients, I have no interest in multiple options for my perfect everyday purse. When I change out my purse, it is for an evening out not my day-to-day schedule. I don’t have the time or desire to mess around with different hobo bags on a Tuesday morning. I need one fabulous sac that will hold everything, compliment all my outfits, and stay on my shoulder without destroying my posture.

Least Versatile Purse Color

Right away, a black purse is the least versatile color. Even if you wear black all the time, a black purse is no good. It is too much black in one outfit. A chocolate brown purse is out too. It only works with a fully earth tone wardrobe of tan, forest green, and cream.

Most Versatile Purse Color

The #1 versatile purse color is a pinky taupe. Here are a few other versatile purse colors:

  1. Blush, or Pinky Taupe
  2. Light Grey
  3. Tan
  4. Soft Metallic
  5. Deep Emerald Green
  6. Mauve

What Is The Most Versatile Purse Color For You?

As I mentioned, I use the same bag every single day for work, so I have to carry that #1 pinky taupe color to ensure my bag goes with the entire range of my work wardrobe’s color palette. Your wardrobe may not be as diverse as mine, so you can explore the other versatile purse colors. Here are the exceptions (the no-nos) to each color listed above . . .

  1. A mostly black and tan wardrobe does not go with a light grey or mauve purse.
  2. A mostly pastel wardrobe won’t go with a tan purse.
  3. A bright colored wardrobe does not go well with a muted colored bag.
  4. Royal blue does not go with a mauve, tan, or emerald green bag.
  5. A wardrobe based on bright red garments does not often go well with tan.
  6. Solid colored turquoise garments do not go with an emerald green purse or a mauve purse.
  7. Green clothing does not generally go with a mauve purse.
  8. The most versatile purse colors tend to go with all wardrobe colors, until you mix black into it.
  9. If you wear a little bit of black every day (ie: black shoes or black is in all the prints you wear), then a black purse CAN be the most versatile purse color for you. You just don’t want to be covered in black.
  10. If your wardrobe is based around navy keep in mind that navy is rarely the same color. Pairing a navy dress with a navy purse can often fail because the colors are close, but no cigar. Instead, go for a light grey or a tan purse if your wardrobe is based on navy.

What Is The Most Versatile Hardware For Your Purse?

When deciding on your versatile purse color, keep in mind which jewelry tones you prefer. If you primarily wear silver, a purse with gold hardware will clash with most of your looks. It’s best if your purse has no hardware, but that can be difficult to find. If you must have metal embellishments, choose the metal you usually wear. If you’re wearing both gold and silver, like myself, a champagne or muted metal is the best choice. It is subtle so it can pair with rose gold, silver, and gold without issue.

What Is The Most Versatile Shape For Your Purse?

If you wear a lot of structured garments, a structured purse will suit you best. If you’re wearing more slouchy, bohemian looks, a structured purse will look stiff, or stolen. I tend to go for structured bags for my everyday work purse, and leave the softer bags for my days off.

Need a little more help? Let me know what your wardrobe colors are, and I will recommend the most versatile purse color for you.

Skagen Anesa Leather Shoulder Bag

most versatile purse color

Skagen $255

Tory Burch Block-T Leather Tote

Kate Spade New York ’cameron street – lucie’ tote

Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Leather Shoulder Bag

most versatile purse color

Gucci $2,450

AllSaints ‘Kita’ Leather Shoulder/Crossbody Bag

Anya Hindmarch Small Build a Bag Leather Base Bag

Sole Society Tracy Quilted Faux Leather Satchel

Tory Burch Robinson Leather Tote

Chloé ’Medium Marcie’ Leather Satchel

most versatile purse color

Chloé $1,990

Kate Spade New York Kingston Drive – Bartlett Leather Satchel

most versatile purse color

Kate Spade New York $440 $300.16

Ted Baker London Proter Leather Shoulder Bag

Kate Spade New York Cameron Street – Candace Leather Satchel

Skagen Karalie Shoulder Bag

most versatile purse color

Skagen $325

Treasure & Bond Tyler Metallic Leather Satchel

Miu Miu Matelassé Leather Shopper

most versatile purse color

Miu Miu $1,970

Chloé ’Medium Marcie’ Leather Satchel


Chloé $1,990

Bottega Veneta

Elliott Lucca ‘Cordoba – Medium’ Tote

B. Makowsky

most versatile purse color

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