Most Versatile Purse Color

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Like many of my clients, I have no interest in multiple options for my perfect everyday purse. If I am going to change out my purse, it is for a clutch on an evening out, not my day to day schedule. I don’t have the time or desire to mess around with different hobo bags on a Tuesday morning. I need one fabulous sac that will hold everything I need, compliment all my outfits and stay on my shoulder without destroying my posture. Particularly for me, to find a purse like this is an incredible feat. I go from red to black to shorts to shift dresses, and jewelry swings from gold to silver to bronze to gold.

Least Versatile Purse Color

Right away, a black purse is the least versatile. Even if you wear black all the time, a black purse is no good. It is too much black in one outfit. A chocolate brown is out too. Unless you always wear pastels and white, a dark brown will be too dark for a lot of outfits. A tan or light brown purse is great if you don’t wear black, but most people wear black pants or boots at some point in the week.

Most Versatile Purse Color

It turns out the most versatile purse colors are pinky blush, deep emerald green, light grey, tan, a light purple/mauve or a soft metallic. Let’s break it down. The only color that does not go with emerald green, is a solid colored turquoise or emerald green garment. Every other outfit color works from black and brown to white, yellow and red. Same goes with a pinky blush. Every color will compliment the pink. As for light purple, even red can work with it. Now, for the soft metallic purse, if it is soft enough – not quite gold, not quite silver – it should be able to pair with all colors and most jewelry tones.


What Is The Most Versatile Purse For you

When deciding on your versatile purse, keep in mind the jewelry tones you prefer. If you primarily wear silver, a purse with gold hardware will clash with most of your looks. It would be best if your purse had no hardware, but that can be difficult to find. If you must have metal embellishments, choose the metal you usually wear. In my case, my most recent purse purchase has very subtle champagne silver on it. Although I am a gold girl, the metal is so subtle, I feel confident in sporting it with all my golds.

As for the shape of your purse, if you wear a lot of structured garments, a structured purse will suit you best. If you are wearing more slouchy, bohemian looks, a structured purse will look stiff, or stolen. I tend to go for structured bags for my everyday work purse, and leave the softer bags for my days off.



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