My workout clothes have always been hideous. My reason being, “Why spend money on yoga pants when I can spend money on a cocktail dress?“ But this is getting out of hand. I have been wearing grey high water pants and a tie-dye field hockey shirt from high school for over ten years now (not kidding). Ergo, my search for attractive work out gear. 


One brand I came across was meSheeky. Although the name kind of bugs me the sweet yoga inspired clothing does not. The meSheeky style is meant to maintain the high standards of the savvy urban shopper with an active lifestyle. Hello me! I have the Trixie skirt in slate pictured here. Throw it on over your leggings and you can cover flaws as well as spice up your sweat attire.  

Plus the brand is respectable. MeSheeky was launched in 2009 with a philosophy to design and manufacture sustainable clothes in a way that respects both the environment and the wearer. The collections are all designed and made in the U.S.A with a headquarters in Park City Utah.