Can I Wear White?


Naomi Watts in Louis Vuitton whites has me loving every inch of fabric and fearing for her bum on dirty seats. White is truly a nuisance in all its beauty. All skin tones can wear white from warm skin with tones of gold and yellow to cool skin with undertones of red, blue or purple. Cool skin tones can handle pristine whites, while warmer tones are best with softer whites, but who can keep this snowy shade clean?

For my mommy clients, we have a rule, avoid white. Kids are messy. For myself, I have a rule, uh, avoid white. I am a kid. I became momentarily tempted by a Calvin Klein blouse. I brought it home and then thought to myself… am I willing to pay this amount of money to only wear the blouse once? We must always remember price per wear. I know for a fact, I am going to get salsa, spaghetti sauce or wine on it immediately upon putting that thin white fabric on my body. I realized it was not worth it to me and returned the garment.

I took a look at my closet and checked on my whites that passed the price per wear questioning in the past. All the thin cotton based items were stained, but my two outerwear whites were fine, in spite of their solid postion in my wearing rottaion. My Bobeau cape made of 90% polyester with a hint of Rayon and Spandex is in perfect condition, and my thick white military jacket from Zara made of 100% cotton, had some light shading on the right shoulder from my, apparently filthy, purse straps, but that could easily be cleaned at the dry cleaner or by my own hand washing.

Taking a look at Naomi Watts’ outfit a second time, all of us may not be able to keep that frock clean, but that coat will put up a fight. As my military jacket has proved, thicker white fabrics used in jackets and coats seem to be a great way to add white to your wardrobe. The placement of the garment also ensures it’s lasting power. You take it off when you eat and often move it aside when sitting down.

Despite this research and logic, I bought another white blouse yesterday. It was too pretty to pass up. Unlike my other white blouse attempt, this one I am willing to wear only once before forfeiting it to the stain gods.

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