I work so much. This is a blessing, yes, but these days I get up and work every minute until I am asleep. E-mails, phone calls, paperwork, client sessions, research, interviews, shopping, organizing, writing articles or blogs for various publications, scheduling deadlines. My only breaks are my brief meals and, today, a Spanish class; which is far more difficult for me then my job. Do not let my last name fool you, I am not bilingual… yet.

This hectic schedule doesn’t always involve meeting with clients, which gives me the freedom to dress anyway I like. Other people in my predicament are domestic engineers, anyone that works for themselves, and regular folks on the weekend with many errands. What kind of stylish shoes do you wear when you have the freedom to dress however you like and need complete comfort? When left to your own devices, many ladies will throw on athletic shoes. Stop! There are some fabulous attractive shoes that will be completely comfortable and still super fashionable. There is not need to put on your running shoes when you are running around. I often wear my Arizona leopard print flats everyday. They are so comfortable, they compliment both earth tones and black, they stay on my feet, they never look dirty, and are super stylish. My favorite part about them is the lack of bow or décor.

For yourself, pick a flat that has a fabulous pattern or color that goes with everything. Keep in mind that your comfy shoes with a fun pattern does not have to match your attire. Casual wear has less rules than dressy. In casual wear, it need only compliment your outfit or clash in an artsy way. Here are a few hints to avoid clashing in a bad way. Try to avoid odd color pairings, like red and purple. Do not wear two well know prints together, like army print shoes with a leopard print tee, unless you really want to go crazy. Also, do not match patterns: do not wear an army print tee with army print flats. Do not wear leopard print shoes with a leopard print tank etc. Actually, you know what? Don’t worry about my tips. It’s casual wear, go crazy!