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I recently read an article that described fashion as a language between women, a way to feel "in" with other women. If I wanted to read into the worst of it, it defined fashion as a way to feel superior to other women. 

This is not what I do as a personal stylist. As a personal stylist and fashion consultant, I am brought in by an individual person that has lost sight of who they are as a physical image. When we sit down to talk about where their look is now and where they want to take it, there is no mention of trends, designers, brands or this season. We don't sit down to talk about fashion. We sit down to talk to about style, their style, personal to them. 

Once we have their style, we can then evaluate each garment they own and the items that will be purchased. Each item you have or bring into your wardrobe needs to have your personal style seal. When you go to buy something, ask what is it that attracts you. Are you buying it because it is cheap and fits or are you buying it because the cut of that dress speaks to you? Are you buying it to copy everyone else or because you adore that mustard color? The first step to creating your personal style is buying only what you love. If you love it, it is you.