Under $20 Fashionable Gift Guide For Girlfriends


Stephanie & Co Teardrop cluster necklace ($18) 

It would be great if we could give gifts without thinking of the price, but there are little parties, smaller budgets, too many friends, stocking stuffers, and toppers for bigger presents, that call for inexpensive gifts. For these ocassions, we want to save on money without skimping on style….


 1) Statement Necklace 

The statement necklace can be quite pricey, so when I saw this inexpensive gem at Nordstrom, it had to be added to the budget conscience gift guide. Side note, it doesn't look cheap in person.  

2) Nude Skinny Belt ($12)

I adore the nude skinny belt from Target. I have passed this find onto numerous clients and have acquired two for myself. With numerous belt holes, it is difficult to buy the wrong size and can be worn at high or low waist. Anyone size 12 and below can use this versatile waist accessory.


4) Printed Umbrella ($18)

There are those that love rain and those that do not. Technically speaking I love rain, but I hate cold and overcast, which always seem to come with rain and bum me out. The best way to cheer up, is to face the rain and cold with a fabulous umbrella. Whoever gets this gift will now look forward to the rain, as I do.

3) Boot Shapers ($10)

Who puts the effort into finding boot shapers? No one. It look ten years to finally get boot shapers in my closet and I love them. It may seem like an odd gift at first, but it will be appreciated. 

5) Printed Nail Wraps ($16)

Statistically speaking, very few have tried the printed nail wrap, making it an innovative and creative gift. When giving this gift, mention the tutorial on NCLA's website for easier application. 


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  1. Jacquie
    December 10, 2012 / 10:02 am

    Love boot shapers – I have them in all my boots! But you should add “Boot Socks” to this list – I’m obsessed with them this year.

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