V-Style's editorial calendar is filled with fabulous fashion, outfits and numerous how-to's for you, and yet I am uninspired by them all. Tomorrow, Friday or next week I am sure my chirp will differ, but I am not feeling it right now. Instead I am going to admit something to you: I am not funny. My sense of humor is appalling and although it induces exorbitant amounts of laughter, it generally comes from myself. My humor involves child like topics and awkward pauses to ensure I am the only one laughing. I don't mind too much.

My love for laughter inspired me to take improv comedy classes. In these classes, I have met some wonderful people, one of which asked me to make a "funny" youtube video inspired by my role in life as a personal stylist. Of course, I agreed. And of course we decided to dress him as a woman. In the video, he hires me to develop a new work wardrobe. During the consultation he admits, he desperately wants to wear women's clothing to his new job at a conservative Advertising agency. I am trying to convince him that wearing women's evening clothes to the office is unprofessional. Today's post is the outtakes from making the video, "I'd Rather Be Shopping." My apologies for the somewhat away-from-fashion post, although technically speaking it is very much about fashion. It just won't further your personal style, nor will it aid you in your life in any way. The only fashion tip you will take away from viewing this video: do not wear sheer evening clothes to the office.