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How To Wear Booties


Ah, the bootie. One of fashion’s mysteries for many women. The bootie can be a year long shoe option, but it is a neccesity for a heel maven in the winter. The bootie is what you put on in lieu of a high heel sandal or pump during the winter. Why? A heel would be too chilly an option for your tootsies on a bastardly cold evening. A bootie behaves like a boot by embracing your foot with warmth, but reads like a high heel by only covering your foot and leaving your ankles and legs exposed. It is also gives an edgy vibe to your look, where a high heel adds more of a feminine, even girlie, essence to your look.

Soft-Booties Sofft – Orlena (Black Velvet Sheep Nappa)

You can wear the bootie, like the Sigerson Morrison shoe pictured at the top, as a lovely secret when worn with slacks, dressy pants and dark wash denim (with no distressing of course). Or you can make it the main attraction with dresses, skirts and dressy shorts. When pairing with dresses, skirts and dressy shorts, keep in mind that there are a select few women that can pull this off with bare legs – Kate Moss barely does it (pun intended). When paired with bare legs, booties can give the illusion of shorter legs, chunky ankles, pale skin if the booties are black, and odd proportion. All these things can occur too if you wear pants or leggings that show skin between the bootie and the pant. Talk about interrupting the line of a silhouette.


What you want to do instead is make one long line from your legs to your feet. You can do this with tights, stockings, knee high socks, and stirrup pants/leggings like the the navy Young Baby Leggings pictured. The key is to show no skin on the lower leg and keep the pants/leggings the same color as the boot. By following these tips your booties will go from shortening your legs to giving you the leggy sleek look you desire from your booties.

Air-Talia-bootieCole Haan – Air Talia Bootie (Ironstone Suede)

Via Spiga – Jovi (Black Velvet Baby Calf)

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