How To Wear The Gap Cardigan

Gap Cardigan

The cardigan sweater is a classic, but right now this particular sweater is going from classic to must have and Gap is your provider. In twenty-two colors, Gap has given you access to the superfine cardigan, the v-neck cardigan, the v-neck floral cardigan, the boyfriend cardigan and the cropped v-neck cardigan. They also have the shawl sweater, but I am more into the buttons.

Throw the boyfriend sweater (on sale for $34.99) over a cute fitted tank and pair it with long shorts, skinny jeans or leggings. Love this look.

Gap sweater


The cropped v-neck sweater is fantastic with your party dress, maxi dress or light cover up with your work slacks and blouse.

Use the fabulous patterned cardigans to dress up the usual tank and bottoms look that will bore us otherwise. My only qualm with this cropped sweater? Over priced. At $44.50 a pop you have to battle your instinct to buy multiple colors of your favorite style since it could empty your pockets. But if you got it, get it. Click below to shop…

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