Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Preview

Marc-jacobs Love!!

It is unnatural to think of fall fashions as we are coming out of winter, but that is exactly what happens during fashion week. Right now in New York fall 2010 fashions are being debuted to buyers of major department stores & boutiques along with press and devoted fashion lovers. One designer I always look forward to seeing this time of year is Marc Jacobs. Ever since seeing the Louis Vuitton documentary, he became one of my favorites.

For fall 2010 he took on a WW2 meets the seventies aesthetic with a spoonful of librarian. There were a handful of items I found to be fuddy duddy, unflattering and depressing, but there also a number of got-to-have, super fabulous looks. His use of fur completely won me over, the nuetral hues, greys and yellow tones are yummy, the vintage inspired coats have me begging and the Katherine Hepburn slacks leave a tear on my cheek and a grin on my lips. Did I mention the full length gloves? I like those too.

As for the styling, I wasn't completely on board with the school girl socks in short heeled shoes, but I was loving the sexy mussy hair with a natural lip and made up eye. Exactly what I was looking for this far off season.

Marc-bad Not loving.

Marc-fall-2010 Love!

Marc-bad-2 Not Loving.

Marc-fall Love!

Marc-bad-3 Not loving.

Jacobs-fall-2010 Love!!

Marc bad 6 Not Loving.

Jacobs-2010 Love!!

Marc-bad 4 Not Loving.

Jacobs-fall Love!

Marc-bad-7 Not Loving.

Marc-2010-fall Love!!

Marc-bad5 Not Loving.

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