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New Year Fashion Resolutions


Obviously there are some pressing matters when  a new year rolls around. Work harder, finish that book, learn the piano, speak Spanish with your Grandma, lose thirty pounds and more. Many resolutions are daunting. I can’t help you with those, but I can offer some resolutions that will weigh light on your shoulders, but can have a heavy positive affect on your wardrobe, and more importantly, your self esteem.

1) Pack up or throw out clothes that don’t fit you.

2) Buy a fabulous party dress for no reason to avoid hurried shopping the week before an event. Once you find the fabulous party dress and realize you have months before an appropriate event, make an excuse to wear it. In fact, dress up more.

3) Accessorize! Take the extra moment to add that colorful scarf, pow bracelet or unique earrings to your usual uniform.

4) Make a list of all the items you have been wanting and schedule weekly or monthly excursions to find the perfect version of your fashion desires. Versatile black blazer, the perfect clutch or all gold heels can take time and organization to find.

5) Acquire and organize your wardrobe tools: shoe trees, seam ripper, needle and thread, topstick, pasties, foot pads, boot protector spray…

6) Tailor every garment that needs to be tailored. You may even have a bag started from months ago. Go through that bag and see if you still like the item. If you don’t, toss it, if you do still like it, tailor it. Do the same for your shoes and purse. Fix that hole in the pocket of that purse and replace those heel tips.

7) Buy yourself fine jewelry. If you can somewhat afford it, spend a couple hundred or thousand on that cocktail ring or jeweled earrings you have been eyeing. In the words of Samantha Jones, “I work hard, I deserve this.”

8) Do not buy drab items or garments you already own. Do you have a drawer full of the same white t-shirt? Quit buying them.

9) Do you have three black tank tops used for the same purpose? Keep only the newest and cleanest version. Toss the one you never use and keep only your go-to’s.

10) Find your style.

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