Liebskind $258

The brilliant, bright terror of Christmas red is not a chic cup ‘o tea. You know the shade. It’s like the blood of a shallow wound. Sure, it looks cheerful on a metallic inanimate ornament hanging from a fir tree, but it is cause for concern on a human being.  This Christmas, wear red, but not that one. Try the red of the year, or as I like to call it the most amazing red that finally (finally!) is easily available for sale. Oxblood, wine, bordeaux, pinot noir and sometimes burgundy. It’s that deep dark red that has more brown in it than purple, and even flatters those that have red undertones in their skin. Pair your oxblood colored clothing with cream, light pink, black, and greys. It generally looks amazing with neutrals. Try to avoid pairing it with whites and brights. It creates too much contrast.

One more tip, oxblood is already quite a bold shade, I don’t recommend wearing more than one ox blood garment. The only time you want to wear more than one oxblood colored item is when it involves accessories. For instance, an ox blood jacket with oxblood shoes is okay, but oxblood pants and oxblood boots are not okay.


Aquatalia $698

Trouvé $88, now $65.66


J.Crew $89.50


Amanda Uprichard $188