On July 2, 1776, USA's original thirteen colonies legally separated from the kingdom of Great Britain. Two days later the Declaration of Independence was signed. Every year since,  Americans have celebrated the creation of this country on July 4th.

I like the Declaration of Independence. I'm excited about its level of maturity and plan for progress. I don't take pride in it though, mostly because I am not Thomas Jefferson, the document's main author. I didn't have anything to do with it. I'm not sure you can take pride in something you didn't do. Pride confuses me, actually. I don't think I care for it, but I do care for celebration and acknowledgment of progress. I also like parties.

The day before John Adams attached his name to Jefferson's words, he wrote a letter to his wife saying our country's independence "ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade." He said some other things that involved devotion to god, bells and guns, but I like the pomp and parade comment best.

With that said, it is my duty to dress in fabulous imitation of America's flag and go to my oldest brother's party down the street. Like all of Dominic's parties, I will be overdressed. As usual, I will walk through his front door carrying two bottles of champagne and be the only one in heels. Although my 4th of July attire always makes waves, I tend to make the biggest spectacle at his Super Bowl parties. Apparently traditional football viewing attire does not involve high-waisted silk shorts and a Beret.

Alright, my bicycle is waiting for me. It's time for me to ride over to the festivities. Happy 4th! May we always be willing to progress beyond past accomplishments.

Cardigan: Charlotte Russe

Top: Splendid

Belt: ?? (Random Purchase in Belfast)

Pants: J Crew

Heels: Michael Kors