Peter Kaiser Susa classic court-shoes-in-taupe-metallic

It is so easy to stick to your tried and true. Even as a stylist, when I consider branching out to new designers, stores and products, I am often disappointed by the quality, service, fit, the price, and/or return policy, but that must not stop us. There are amazing things we don’t know about. Often I am forced to branch out when my tried and true can’t give me what I need… like silver shoes. Yes, gold is my lover, but we still need silver tones for certain looks. Finding a great silver shoe is like finding $20 on the ground. Yes, it happens, but not all that often. Thankfully I just found that $20 bill at Mozimo. Peter Kaiser Susa classic court shoes in taupe metallic looks like the perfect silver shoe that can do work, weekend and party. You can pair these with slacks, jeans, skirts, dressy shorts, professional frock, day dresses and cocktail dresses. The texture, the shape, the reasonable height and the shade all meet my criteria. I’m looking forward to the next client in need of silver foot goodness.