All sorts of things show up in my e-mail inbox. Some things I even requested. I am subscribed to all sorts of updates from group buying sites and my favorite night life haunts to my favorite stores and fashion related content like Independent Fashion Bloggers. This morning, the IFB sent me an update with a post titled 10 Signs You’re A Blogger Sell Out.

Obviously, the idea did not shock me – every occupation and art form can be corrupted by greed, but I was disturbed by the laid back attitude of the article… “if you’re finding yourself in a position where you’re saying things like ‘I love Crocs’ on a regular basis, and you hate Crocs, it’s time to asses if these types of partnerships really makes you happy, and if they really benefits  your readers.”

The words that jumped up at me from this sentence are “on a regular basis” implying that straight up lying once in a while is fine as long as it’s only once in a while. I’m going to have to disagree. Rrecommending something you wouldn’t actually recommend is bad every single time. It is a lie. I don’t care for lying. I value honesty more than anything. One of the biggest attractions to working for myself  as personal stylist as well as blogging, is never feeling pressure from various hierarchies to lie. As my “small time”  self, I am in fact, paid to tell the truth. My reputation and livelihood depends on my being honest with my clients and my readers.

Modern day blogs are based on this”small time” independent, personal and honest spirit, whereas today’s “big time” newspapers and magazines are backed by conglomerates and major advertisers that send orders down an extensive line of communication to employees who did not choose the tasks they perform. If they do not perform assigned tasks, they can lose their job. Although there are numerous corporate multi-employee blogs, the blogosphere is still dominated by the one-man-show method. I am a one-woman blog.  This means the person that requests any tasks (me) are performed by the requester (me). This  means I am the only person that can take my job and blog away. No one else.

With this power, I choose my advertisers. I choose my words. I do not accept guest authors and I certainly do not say I like something when I do not. I am not saying I never lie in my life. Put a police officer in front of me and my nose will grow into the next state. I am not saying I don’t exaggerate. When I weave a humorous tale, usually involving me being extremely awkward in an inappropriate situation, I am sure to double the level of my awkwardness as well as the reaction to said awkwardness. But I don’t lie about fashion. I have never lied about fashion.