I miss
the days of dressing up, dressing with flare, dressing with elegance. Yes there
is a cutting edge appeal to the many turns fashion has taken throughout the
years. I am thinking of punk,
torn bleached jeans, graphic tees, gladiator
sandals, chucks and leopard leggings. My god how I love leggings.

But I
implore you. What about a pair of heels and a full-skirted dress on a random
afternoon? A three-piece suit to the office? In my line of work when the topic
of dressier clothes comes about, I often hear: “When will I ever wear that?”

It can be
a lengthy process teaching people that; one, over dressed is better than under
dressed and two, there is more to life than denim and sweats.

above is a three-piece suit by SPURR. Besides being able to wear this to a job
interview you can wear this three-piece suit to work if you are a lawyer, the
head of a company or conducting business with conservative clients.
given this classic look a clean and modern appeal for the contemporary workingman.

know it can be difficult to wear such a classic and professional garb,
particularly for those with an aversion to wearing dressier clothing, but you
must shake off your aversion. Don’t be afraid to adjust your look or take your
style up a notch. After all, it is never too late to acquire taste, class and