Stylish Athletic Shoes for Travel

Tennis shoe Don’t Wear this.

I created an itinerary for Manhattan and Washington D.C. that included 3 miles of walking each day. Do you do this in heels? I sure as hell wasn’t going to. But how can you be sexy chic in comfortable shoes? The answer is you can’t. There is a reason cheesy tourists wear gym wear. When walking extravagant amounts you need good athletic shoes so you don’t damage your feet (both long term and temporarily with blisters and aching).

That said, you can still look sporty chic! Skip those multi-colored obvious hiking shoes and go for some sleek sneaks. Here are some fun tourist shoes for you to look into before you go traveling this summer. First, the
Onitsuka Tiger by Asics

Cream sneakers

Pair these with black stirrup leggings with the socks underneath and a sleeveless white tunic or blouson to create a sporty chic look that will feel amazing. If you are thinking, stirrup leggings? I recommend stirrups in order for the legging to slip seamlessly into your shoe while covering your socks to give you a leggy (longer) look. It will look smoother and less ‘I am wearing running shoes.’ For a similar look wear black socks underneath the black leggings – but it won’t look as clean.

By the by, I find wearing athletic shoes with no socks is both dirty and uncomfortable, hence my mention of socks. For those of you that can pull it off, fabulous! A major reason athletic shoes look so drab is the sock, even if only an inch is showing. Another side note, short socks make your legs look shorter, even if only an inch is showing.

Grey sneakers

My next travel shoes are these Bikkembergs. Pair these with some clean medium length black socks (think dress socks, but not thin) and a black romper for a dark and fun look. You could also pair it with some white shorts and a grey top. Just keep the fabrics in line with the sporty looks – cotton blends and knits are best.


My last example of a cute athletic shoe for making a stylish appearance is converse. This oldy, but goody works great with jeans, cut offs, shorts and if you are young enough, a summer dress. Don’t wear it with leggings though.

To recap, when wearing an athletic shoe, keep the tone of your outfit in line with the casual vibe, but without looking like work out wear. That way you can strut into a New York boutique after two hours of stomping about and still be respectable.


  1. August 25, 2010 / 4:09 am

    I really like the blue shoes. They are looking very comfy and will ease one during hiking session.

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