Mel-boteri-back-pack-suede-liningMel Boteri

I carry weights in my purse. Alright, not weights, but heavy items, and I can’t seem to alternate the burden to both shoulders. Even when I make a conscience decision to place my hefty handbag on my left shoulder, moments later, without my consent, it vacates the spot to return to it’s trusty home, my right shoulder. The weirdest part of it all, when I carry the purse on my left shoulder, the inexperienced shoulder sags and I tilt my body to the right to keep the bag from slipping off. When I carry the purse on my right shoulder, I stand normal and my right shoulder lifts to accommodate the weight and keep it in place. You see, all the years of carrying my purse on the one shoulder has created this superhuman muscle on my right side, leaving my left shoulder wimpy and low. I am lopsided and I don’t care for it. Pilates instructors and masseuse have all noticed my imbalance.

After having a client request a stylish back pack for her work load, I started thinking a back pack might be the asnwer to my cockeyed shoulder issue. With a backpack, the contents of my purse is placed evenly on my shoulders and behind me, leaving my hands and arms free, and my bike basket open for carry-out or shopping bags. (I like to ride my bike when browsing local boutiques.)

I began the search and found numerous fashionable backpacks to go with my non-work wear and bike riding activity, which is great, but I’m more interested in a backpack for work, when my handbag is at its heaviest. When I am with clients, I am carrying client files, an 8×11 day planner, a stuffed wallet, a water bottle, the occasional pair of flip-flops, and a client kit containing a calculator, sewing needle, scissors, topstick, tailor chalk, measuring tape, seam ripper, cliff bars, nail file, nail clipper, safety pins, highlighter and camera. My goal is to find a stylish back pack that carries my crap, yet syncs well with my professional look, a difficult task when traditionally backpacks are used by professional students that range in age as low as six years young. The search continues…




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