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5 Ways To A Unique and Fun Wedding


It seems like everyone is saying, “I do” and after attending your 10th wedding of the year, guests and couples alike are dying to mix it up. Recently, while helping many a bridal party stand apart via fashion, I have witnessed some incredible ideas beyond that…


Yes, a wedding is about declaring your love, but the reception is just another word for party, so treat it that way. Music and dancing is a must, but why not take another step toward entertainment, particularly if your guests aren’t the type to make their own fun. One bride I worked with recently had circus performers put on a show. We took that theme to the fashion by selecting colorful, printed bridesmaid dresses and adding a miniature top hat to her own wedding look.

Be Creative with Personalized Items

Small details like personalized wedding napkins can do anything from securing the theme of the wedding to inciting laughter. Recently I saw a client make up six separate designs for each guest at a table. On the napkins were beautiful designed conversation starters for the guests that revolved around the couple in some humorous way. Tastefully done, these can be a unique addition to the reception.

Interview the Guests

How many couples go on their honeymoon realizing they never spoke to half their guests? Hire someone to get a clipboard with a list of the guests go around and interview each one. Once they get the interview they can mark them off their list and towards the end of the evening, hunt down the ones they didn’t get. This may seem odd and intrusive, but, if done well, will be a huge success.


Although this can be dangerous, providing props for your guests could create grand fun. Obviously you have seen the goofy hats and wigs provided by those photo booths, but take a step further by adding hoola hoops or other playful items.


Skip the usual hotels and banquets. No one should have to dance in a location that had a conference serving stale coffee at it last week. Try a garden, a park, a large home, or a warehouse.  

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