I adore scarves and every way we ladies have toyed with
them. I love a gauzy scarf thrown around the body, a small scarf tied around
the neck a la Susan Sarandon in Thelma and Louise, and I particularly fawn over
those scarves worn on the crown of the head that you see in leggy bathing suit
spreads or on Beyonce'.

There is a problem with the latter though. Every time I try
to wear a scarf like that it ends up falling off, or I have to use bobby pins
or I can’t find the right size scarf to make this damn thing happen.

I found the solution in Abonita Scarves. After being
diagnosed with cancer Bonita Sands endured chemotherapy and lost all her hair.
Having been a fashionable woman, Bonita decided to invent something that would
cover her loss of hair and still look fabulous.


She designed a patterned headscarf that can be worn in four
different ways with an adjustable headband that secretly snaps in the back. It
completely stays on, I tried it, through dancing, boating or any other jolting
activity and you can wash it after these sweat inducing jaunts because it is
made from cotton or rayon. As for the patterns, although you might spot some
cheesy patterns on the home page of the website, don’t let it fool you, there
are many chic patterns available to shop.

Side note: Sands will donate 10% of Abonita Scarf sales from
her website to the American Cancer Society.

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