No more bragging handbags please! By this time I would
assume that people understand that a handbag littered with a brand stamp is so
completely out of style and yet I am still spotting people tripping down the
street carrying these hideous bags.

Needless to say I am drawn to purses that have better taste than to do such a thing, like many of the Andrew Marc handbags.
Beyond the fact that the label is not flashed about, the bags are fabulous! My
recent favorites are the
Alexa Satchel and the Architect Tessa Hobo. The satchel is a stunning turquoise that
can be used year round, but is more than appropriate for summer. The perfect Pow
piece for the woman who isn’t comfortable wearing bold colors, but craves a
little pop.


the hobo is a classic. The rich brown, practical pockets and slouchy utility
look of it makes me want to go on an adventure. I am sure if I carried it
around I would feel like Indiana Jones…in heels.