Angelina Jolie in Versace

Everything is perfection: the fit, the edge, the elegance as well as the hair and accessories.

Emma Stone in Lanvin

Emma Stone was stunning, edgy and elegant in this unique and perfectly accessorized ensemble.

Chralize Theron in Dior

As I have always said, unique elegant and edgy is the key to making my best dressed list. Although I could do without the headband, I am wild for this look.

Madeline Stowe in Vera Wang

Madeline Stowe's detailed indigo gown completely won me over; however her purse and earring choice, I'd adjust.

 Melanie Griffith

I rarely vote for black, but the mix of textures and execution of this look struck me as one of the more unique outfits on the carpet. She oozes confident elegance.

Shalaine Woodley in

Wodley is wholly under accessorized – I need a diamond cuff and large earrings asap – but this dress is too amazing to pass up. Gorgeous! 

I want to add what an incredible array of dresses were shown at this event. I haven't seen this much diversity, creativity and originality on the red carpet in ages! Awards to everyone!