Time is a sweetheart. It turns today’s pain into yesterday’s and hands you a tomorrow, but as we slip out of our twenties and into our thirties, forties, fifties and on, these tomorrows come with side dishes like wrinkles, greys and fat. For many, the worst part is underarm fat. Sometimes you can dodge the wrinkles, the grays and the weight gain, but you wake up one day and your armpits look like the blob. Goodness! For some, they are fighting it all, from sun damage to hair loss. Perhaps armpit fat is the least of your worries, but it is nice to know there are bras out there that will not be a constant reminder of your body’s inability to keep fat where it is supposed to be, in your breasts.

One bra that does an amazing job of taming underarm fat is the Josie by Natori racerback bra. I have put this on a few thirty something clients that are dealing with aggressive underarm fat. The bra is sexy, comfortable, supportive and one of the most attractive racer back bras I have seen.