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Can A Big Poufy Skirt Work Outside Of A Wedding?


The flounce of a long poufy skirt is a highly romantic and, may I add fun, characteristic in an outfit. When thinking of a voluminous hem, a wedding  gown or old fashioned frock comes to mind, but you can do a lengthy flounce without the bridal or Victorian nod. To modernize a floor length flounce, start with separates, instead of a dress. My skirt is from Anthropologie, which is a consistent resource for whimsical pieces such as the poufy maxi.

Once you have your skirt, pair it with a sexy and/or simple top. I prefer your shirt to have some volume to it to balance out the bottom mass. I know I usually say, if you have a lot of volume on the bottom of your outfit, go lean on top, and vice versa; but when it comes to skirts, I have a different opinion. A tight tank or tee is fine, but it can make the skirt seem even bigger than it is in reality. By blousing your shirt, or selecting a top with sleeves, you create a more seamless look with the flowing of volumes. As for shoes, you can wear just about anything, from a simple heeled sandal to crazy booties, it just depends on how funky you want to get. After all, you aren’t wearing a a skirt like this to play it safe…. Following the photo shoot, dressed in this blue patchwork maxi skirt, Robin Dayley and I went to dinner, had drinks at my place, and then I met up with some of my favorite stylish ladies at Nunu’s. Every where I went, my skirt was the topic of many a conversation.






Photo Credit: Robin Dayley/Dayley Photography

Make-up: Antonella Annibale

Location: Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge

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  1. Now, on to finding myself a puffy skirt!

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