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Catherine Middleton In A Navy Mulberry Dress


Oh, the color black how you bore me and wash people out or make them disappear. I know black is so easy. It’s everywhere in stores, year round, and you think it goes with everything, but it doesn’t. You know what actually goes with everything? Navy. Navy is a true neutral. Where black can be paired with white, blues, gold, silver and reds – navy can do all that and more, including brown and all earth tones. Navy also livens up your skin tone and hair as you can see on Catherine Middletone in her Mulberry frock on the island of Tavanipupu. She looks stunning in this blue 50’s silhouette with monotone belt and shoes. If this had been an all black ensemble instead – black dress, black patent leather belt, and black top on the cork heels – she would have looked more dreary than chic. I also would have been irked by the heels. My biggest fashion pet peeve is the combination of black and cork in a shoe. Cork is an earth tone and doesn’t belong with black with one exception: a black and cork shoe can only be paired with a look that is constantly mixing black and earth tones, like a traditional animal print dress. Whereas a blue suede and cork heel works by itself as well as other color combinations.

Another reason I adore Catherine’s seamless look is the gold detailing on the belt. Cork calls for gold. It is a much better look then silver and cork for the same reason black doesn’t work with cork. Cork is an earth tone. Gold can work everywhere, but silver is less versatile and does not enhance earth tones like gold can. May I also add the navy slims more than black can, not that Catherine needs that, the poor girl.

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