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Client Photos – Outfit Combinations w/ Tan Shorts

Part of my services with my clients is the Look Book portion. Sometimes I call it the Outfit portion. This is where I show my client how to wear all her clothes and accessories, both old and new. It is a very efficient process that starts with, usually, tops. We take one top and then I ask the client, "How many outfits do you want with this top?" Some clients only want 2-3 options because too many choices can overwhelm them. Others want to get the most out of each garment and they will request 5-how ever many outfits could possibly be made with the shirt. 


For the clients that keep me in their lives indefinitely, the outfit process is a touch different. It begins with whatever is new, since we already made outfits with everything else at a previous date. If this week or month we bought four shorts, three pairs of pants, two jackets and three dresses this, then we just start with each category and move on. We make outfits with the shorts first, then the pants, then the jackets and then the dresses. This week, with my client pictured, we got her a new collection of shorts that she loved. My favorite was the tan shorts from J Crew. Pictured is the numerous combination I made with this one pair of shorts. These shorts are so versatile that I could have kept going, but my client stopped me – too many choices!

What is your favorite combination?

IMG_1932 IMG_1411 IMG_1957 IMG_1959 IMG_1961 IMG_1963IMG_1965IMG_1967IMG_1981

These pictures were published with my client's verbal permission. No client photos are used without the client's permission.

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