I know the Emmy's are coming up and I have some fabulous ideas for blogs when it gets a little closer to “go time,” but for now I just want to give some advice to the stars when it comes to women's clothing. Do not wear a train. This will only hurt your appearance. Yes, the train on a dress has the appeal of vintage elegance in a photo, but unless you are only walking straight away without pause you need someone to help you with this cumbersome thing.

Take a look at Jennifer Lopez here. It just doesn’t look good, although I do like that sexy “bang” hair. It is dated merely by the fact that it takes too much effort. No one likes the look of trying too hard let alone the look of someone trying hard not to step on their valuable dress. This goes for brides as well. You want to have a fabulous wedding? Skip the train.

This year at the Emmy's I guarantee you will be seeing a lot of short hems.