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Eco-Panda Swimwear: Affordable For You & Earth


Oh how I love summer, let me count the ways… starting with
Eco-Panda swim line. When I love a product it is hard for me to rave because I
feel it will end up sounding contrived or too commercial so bear with me.

I love Eco-Panda. It fits my body PERFECT and offers super
sexy styles. They also have a couple of cutting edge patterns in colors that I
adore. Swim wear tends to be so girly and cutesy when a pattern gets involved
so I love a brand that can add some fashion forward print options for anti-fem
fashionistas like myself. Don’t worry, though girly girls, they have plenty of
deliberately feminine designs available.

The cherry to top off this summer sundae is the eco portion
of Eco-Panda. Their suits are made from 82% recycled nylon and cost between
$60-$80 for a full suit. It is so exciting to see a comparatively affordable
earth friendly product on the market. We need them so badly in these times of
penny pinching and the deteriorating environment.

only detail I find gloomy is that Eco-Panda holds the exclusive rights to
recycled nylon for bathing suits in the US inhibiting other swim limes to start using it.
Although incredibly beneficial for Eco-Panda, not so much for the planet.

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