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How To Wear Fall 2011 Capes


Some may say the cape is a loitering trend, but I don't have any interest in trends, just pretty beauty. It got me thinking of the late Steve Jobs of Apple. He said, "Fashion is what seems beautiful now but looks ugly later; art can be ugly at first but it becomes beautiful later.” I have to say, I believe beautiful now and beautiful later is something to aspire to and easily accomplished in fashion with a judicious eye. Just look at Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe. 

To accomplish this through a cape, take a page out of Lindsey Lohan's book – one of the few pages that won't put you in jail. This avant garde cape will be unique and beautiful for decades to come. When wearing a large cape like this, it is essential to balance the volume of the cape with straight, skinny or tight bottoms, whether it be leggings, tights or stove pipe pants. A form fitting dress or skirt also would have worked. Another essential tip with this particular cape, the deep vee opening of the front calls for contrast with a round neckline, as shown by Ms. Lohan with her round necked, black lacy top.


Stella McCartney's cropped cape from her 2011 resort line, pictured above, lacks the theatrics of Lindsey Lohan's cape, enabling a more dressed down look. Generally cropped capes can be more casual and be put with jeans and shorts. Best to skip a dress with this one due to its structure and industrial feel. In fact, you want to skip dresses with capes in general. The cape is already very dress like with its open skirt hem, making a dress pairing redunent and won't flatter your body.

The only other thing to keep in mind when wearing a cape, the cape is the focus, everything else should cater to the cape, so no crazy sleeves. Long, short or three-quarter sleeves will all work but keep them simple and close to your arms. That means no bell sleeves, no dolman sleeves or any form of volumnious sleeves. Printed tops and bottoms can work, but it looks best with solid colors… although, a fabulous printed legging could look amazing with a solid colored cape. Something to think about.


Banana Republic Belted Cape




Helene Berman

Target (Click on image to get to site)


Kate Spade New York

Bonnie Cashin – Vintage 1960’s

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  1. You can’t help but love capes…they’re so elegant! Really love the Stella McCartney and the Bonnie Cashin — adorable and glamourous!

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