Hot. Sharp.  Smart. Mysterious. Miranda Kerr looks amazing in this trench coat inspired dress. When I see a fabulous trench dress such as this, I am reminded that a woman can have everything. Truly, when you wear a trench dress, you can have the hot sex, the big job and the three babies. Tell the woman in said dress any different, and she will slip her sunglasses over her eyes, turn her back, and walk away. She has not the time to deal with silly accusations. 

A few tips…

When wearing the trench dress, keep it light, find a trench dress that actually looks like a dress versus a heavy coat that looks as if you have another dress on underneath. Also, the trench should be paired with heels – no flats and I prefer no wedges – keep it chic. Lastly, make sure it is short enough to show off your legs. The long sleeves are covering enough skin, the trench dress is a time to celebrate your stems.