I love a good poncho or a cape so falling in love with a cloak is not a far fetched idea. With a good month or more still left in this winter you are probably tiring of all those jackets you have been wearing over and over again. Let's break that boredom by bringing in a cloak.

Yesterday I took a client out and introduced her to a solid blue, soft Michael Kors cloak she never would have picked out for herself. But the minute we threw it on her over her new legging pants she could not live without it. In fact even though we got numerous new items from dresses to tops to pants and jackets, the first outfit she wore after her wardrobe makeover involved the cloak.

For the chic and smart look, the Michael Kors cloak is the way to  go (Couldn't find a picture of it, but is available at Nordstroms). But for those looking for a little oomph via pattern, browse Bona; a website with a focus on independent designers. On this site you will discover these Lindsey Thornburg cloaks. Gotta love that hood option. Wear it by itself with tights or pair with leggings, cigarette pants or slim leg jeans. You will be warm and stylish for the beginning of 2010.