Products that use charities and environmentally friendly aspects to draw you to their product have flooded the consumer market to the point of trendiness, a double edge sword for the causes. Obviously, it is exciting that being socially and environmentally conscious is now easier for most consumers, but there is the backlash of companies trying to capitalize on the “trend” by hyping products that may have little or nothing to do with either cause.

By using key words, implied graphics, vague phrasing or exaggeration, these products do a disservice to the real products and companies that are putting their all into making a socially responsible product – companies like

In association with National Geographic magazine, Novica works directly with thousands of master artisans in Asia, Africa, and latin America to help bring their creations to other parts of the world. There is no mass production here, no sweat shops. Just an independent person or couple hand making their art for you to wear with confidence. Confident that you are wearing something unique that isn’t destroying the environment or a low paid worker.

I have mentioned this company before on V-Style, but I felt it needed another mention since I just got a couple more gorgeous pieces from them. The first is this opulent necklace by the artist Nareerat in Thailand. I can’t wear this necklace without constant compliments from friends and strangers. Titled Milky Way, Nareerat created this piece to emulate the “planets whirling in the darkness of space.” This kind of unique and bold style is embraced in all her pieces, making her a go-to for my browsing; an easy process since Novica allows you to search their products based on artist, price, metal, stone or country.

The other item I am pleased to have are these stunning silver earrings by Chalermkwan. I am really picky about silver jewelry, but I adore these chic, modern and original dangles. If you are looking for some elegant, yet edgy silver earrings, I recommend searching for pieces by Chalermkwan.

The prices aren’t too terrible either. The necklace is $110 while the earrings are $35, plus shipping. Keep in mind, that these are real metals being used. As a cautionary, when shopping on don’t get discouraged by the hundreds of generic pieces on the site. There are a lot of fuddy duddy or kinda boring pieces on the website you will have to pass before you find that unique item that you have to have. It’s worth the search.