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High Fashion Heels Under Four Inches

Roberto-cavalli Too High!

I don’t feel comfortable wearing 5-inch heels. I don’t feel comfortable wearing four-inch heels. I find this to be very unnatural for my foot. It makes me walk slow. It makes me look ill at ease, it makes my feet hurt and sometimes blister. My feet are scarred from spending mere minutes in shoes. If I hear Rachel Zoe talk about 5-inch heels as a must-have again I will push her over. It won’t take much since she will be wearing awkward shoes.

You know what the perfect height for a fabulous pair of shoes is? Three and a half inches. At three inches you can look quite a bit taller, feel sexy and still get things done quickly and in a graceful manner. Do you know how hard it is to find a 3.5 heel in a high fashion shoe?

If you have been looking I am sure you know that it is very difficult. This blog is a letter of grievance to stylish shoe designers everywhere, both high-end and low end. I am talking to Steve Madden, Charlotte Russe, Prada and more. Quit the four and five inch heels unless you have an inch or more platform going on. It is ruining women’s feet and making them look dolty. I am officially fed up.

Now to more pro-active actions on the topic. Here are some 3.5-inch or lower heels that also embody awesome style. This interesting brown striped heel by Glory Chen with a mixture of leather and linen has a modest heel that can work for day or night. Yea comfort!


These Daniblack heels are different with their scalloped edge and patent leather pink finish. At 3 inches I am in.


are adorable with the lace décor and 3 1/4 inch heels.


How crazy are these shoes?
J. Renee
heels are designed for the style-savvy woman who wants a fashionable shoe with an amazing feel. I haven’t tried them, but with that out there look and that 3-inch heel I might give it a whirl.


wedge is so hot! At 2 3/4 inches I won’t even notice I am wearing a heel.


Talk about high fashion, these
Proenza Schouler
kicks are to die for at 3 inches.


Stay tuned for more 3-inch heel options…

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3 Responses

  1. Would love to know where I can find the Dani Black heels with scalloped edge ..thanks

  2. Vanessa Valiente says:

    Hi Saneeya,
    I fixed the link now so that you can simply click on the words Daniblack and it will take you to the product. Enjoy! They are supposedly very comfy : )
    -Vanessa of V-Style

  3. Great content and it’s so helpful for me. But it’s so weird that you blog is in a mess through my explorer. Is that my explorer problem? But it’s pretty normal when exploring other blog.
    by Air Yeezy

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