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Hot Fashion Trends For Spring 2010


To get you started for this fabulous year of style, I’ll let you in on some 2010 fashion trends relevant to your lifestyle.

Unexpected Leather:
You are going to need a leather pencil skirt or dress by the time this year is up. From Kate Moss in Prada to Victoria Beckham in pink, unexpected leather will be a edgy addition to your look.

Lena Hoschek and Jason Wu were just a few of the designers that sent small headgear down the runway for 2010. And with so many artisans creating these fabulous teeny tiny head adornments, 2010 is going to love the hatpin, hair clips, and little hats sitting atop your noggin. Fashionable folk loving it? Rihanna and Audrey Tautou.

There is no limit! Black, grey, yellow, coral, blue. There will never be a better time to shop the rainbow then this year. There is no “it” color, there are no no-nos. Every designer and store will be showing all of it. Red, green, highlighter yellow, purple, you name it you can wear it and look in style. The only requirement this year is diversity. You have to mix it up and be sure your closet is full of all the hues– obviously in the tones that compliment your skin.


Show Me That Waist!:
Whether it be a modern midriff top, a belt or a band emphasizing the indent, the waist is on display this year. Jason Wu, Willow, Louis Vuitton, Thakoon and Twenty8Twelve are just a drop of the designers that will be selling you waist emphasis. Dresses and skirt with waist emphasis flatters everyone with any sort of a waist. As for the midriff tops? Be positive you have some flat abs and no muffin before embracing this trend.

As with any popular clothing ideas, keeping your own sense of style is key. When incorporating new looks to your wardrobe, you must always ask yourself if you are comfortable but make sure your comfort doesn’t border on boring. Discovering your inner style child and spicing up your look is essential for this new year of twenty-ten.

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  1. The top image is the best, love the way the feathers and green go together.

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