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How To Choose The Right Watch For You


Whether you are loyal to the Movado brand or Invicta label, choosing the right watch for you isn’t always a fun process. There are so, so many choices out there and half them cost an arm and a leg and most of them are dated, boring or too blingy. So, let’s make the process a little easier for you.

First, what is this watch for? Is it for everyday utility, dressing up or for whenever your mood strikes you? For working out?

For working out you will need a sport watch. In general, I find a sport watch to be a smooth purchase because it is based solely on utility. Get one in your budget that is light weight, won’t get stinky, tells you time quickly and shows you seconds.


For an everyday watch we have more questions to ask. Do you wear more gold or more silver jewelry or do you not really wear jewelry? If you wear both equally and you can afford it, I say get one good gold (or gold detailed) watch and get one good silver (or silver detailed) watch. Otherwise go with the metal you wear most. If you are a watch woman and don’t really wear jewelry, choose whichever metal color flatters your skin more or the one you like most.

For those of you interested in a rose gold watch, this can actually be paired with both gold and silver jewelry most of the time, just not pewter jewelry so much.

From here, decide if you actually want to be able to tell time. Silly question I know, but in the days of cell phones, you may not actually need a watch. It is often used for décor or for people who prefer the traditional method of telling time versus scrounging for their cellular phone. 


As for design, If you want to tell time quickly that eliminates hundreds of choices. Other watches to steer clear from: plastic, digital, pastel colored, diamond encrusted anything (most of the time), gold and silver combined (most of the time), denim and anything that looks too old lady. An antique look is great, but it needs to be a very delicate watch to look good and not age you.

I also recommend wearing men’s watches with round faces that are made to fit your smaller wrist – I love when the watch face covers the entire female wrist, but not more than that. We don’t need a Grand Master flash on our hands.

I also recommend anything very unique as well as bracelet looking bands, wrap bands and leather cuff watches. Good luck on your hunt!



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