Color blocking in fashion is when a garment or outfit is composed of definite blocks of color. Generally it involves contrasting hues, but can also be done in a monochromatic manner with various shades of the same color. Color blocking can look very retro in a bad way if not done with a judiscious eye and good taste. Since many of my readers have expressed interest in my showing the "wrong" way as well as the "best" way, let's start with the bad version of color blocking, pictured below.

What Not To Wear…


First and foremost, there is nothing modern or unique about these garments. Although there are a few pretty colors or details on some of them, each item as a whole, isn't worth wearing. Avoid the unflattering shape of the St. John dress, the dated Victoria shape of the Miu Miu top, the overdone and baggy look of the DKNYC and the snore fest going on with the Michael Kors and Jason Wu items. 



The first two are Diane Von Furstenberg and the next two are Gucci. The major difference between the No version of color blocking and Yes version of color blocking is the unique factor, the rich colors and the use of color. Below are some more options for color blocking. Although less unique then the examples picture above, they have timeless elegance or a classic sporty lines to make it look modern.


(From left to right) Milly, Michael Kors, DVF, Milly.