You see it in the catalogues of Urban Outfitters, J Crew, and other super styled lines: the tying of a leather belt. I know you might want to try it. Step one, Take a skinny to medium width belt that would either normally sit at your hips or is just too big for you. You need the extra length in order to tie it. Place it at your natural waist, the thinest part of your torso. If you need to punch holes in the belt because it is too long/big for you, go for it. Use a belt hole puncher (Leather Hole Punch Tool). 


Next, take the slack and angle it down. Take the tip of the belt and pull it under the buckled portion of the belt. Make sure you are close to the buckle so you have more length to make a nice opening for the tip to come back over the belt and stick in as you can see in the picture. Once it fits into the little opening you have created, pull tight so it will stay. By the way, the reason you go under first, is so the final result has the tip is pointing down discreetly/smoothly and not sticking up and in the way. It is relatively simply and will stay if you pull it through pretty tight.