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How To Order Clothing Online


When you shop for clothes online, you need to pay attention to the details in order to save time and money. Nowadays, many websites are offering free shipping and free returns, making online shopping monetarily risk free, but there is still the time factor. Wouldn't you rather order something, like it and keep it? Versus ordering something, being disappointed, going on line to print the return slip, taping the box back up and then sending it via USPS or whatever. Time is money and disappointment isn't fun. So here are some tips on how to order clothing efficiently on line…

1) Read the entire garment's description:

What is the fabric? Do you know what that fabric feels like? Do you already own something with that particular combination and do you like the feel of it? What are the closures? What is the size of the model wearing the garment and how long or wide is the garment in inches for this size? Most websites will tell you all this.

2) Know your measurements:

Most websites will give you a chart with what size they recommend for your waist size and so on, but do you know your accurate waist size? I was recently on eshakti's website that had some great images for how to measure oneself. Take accurate full body measurements of yourself and double check them every few months.

3) Read the return policy:

On line retailers are all different. Some have 15 day return policies, others 30 days, one has 365 days. Be sure of this, so you don't get stuck with something you don't want or lose money. The best advice is to open the package immediately, try it on and decide right away. Do you want it or not?

4) Create an "On Line Purchases" folder:

Create a folder in your e-mail account that keeps track of your online purchases. This way you won't forget about what you have purchased, if the return was accepted and so on. Before I did this, I was always thinking… when did I order that? Is it late? Should I call? Where is that e-mail so I can call them? You can even set an alarm or note in your calendar for when to check in with the online retailer.

5) When getting the unknown, go to the known:

When trying unusual garments or styles unknown to you, order from major and well trusted retailers with free shipping and free returns. The most wonderful aspect of on line shopping is getting that unique garment that can't be found in your local shop, but getting the unknown is risky. Best to leave the risky unknown purcahses to the dependable companies you know well.

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