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Photo Credit: Robin Dayley of Dayley Photography

An image of a happy couple smiling is great, especially with authentic grins, but we all know cheek to cheek smiling is a bit boring. Especially when said couple decided to wear the same colored shirt. Whether you are taking engagement photos or simply want to capture the affection between you and your lover, ditch the standard poses and try something different… or perhaps something exactly the same. Search Pinterest or the vast internet for sexy, funny, or interesting photos of couples. When you find one or a few you like, imitate it or take inspiration from the outfits, poses and location.

You can also think outside the hand holding and get shots of you two enjoying your favorite past times. Do you like baseball? Have your photographer shoot your gentleman pitching a ball to you. Love movies? Hit the couch, grab some popcorn and get a shot of you cuddling. Think of all the activities and hobbies you two share and come up with a scene.

Another idea is a joint boudoir shoot. With strategically posed hands and such, you may even be able to show people the sensually driven images. If this feels too risqué or exposing, don’t feel pressure to undress. Sport revealing clothes that actually cover. For your legs, try tights from a place like Tights Tights Tights. Your top can be covered by a sheer blouse and full body shape wear can take care of that torso. A bed sheet can also do amazing things to reveal and cover.

The key is to capture the uniqueness between you and your partner. Even if you feel like an average couple, skip the average camera ops. Find the uniqueness between you two.