Hervia $471.48

The only skin tone that can truly handle the harshness of a solid black blouse or dress is olive skin. Even then, there are much better colors for your skin tone. If you still feel black call to you, follows these tips to make the best of black…


Whether the garment has a low neckline, made of sheer fabric, or has intricate holes to show the lovely shade of your skin, it will break up the wall of black trying to swallow your face.

Design & Details

An intricate, interesting and unique design with attention to detail will turn the boring shade into a fashion forward work of art.


Black needs some friends. Pick garments with prints and other colors swirling around on it.

Pair It Right

Sometimes there are wild pieces that call for a simple black tank or top. A wild skirt or pants with a subtle black influence in its print definitely needs that simple, wonderfully classic black top. Although the skirt pictured below would look best with a white top, a black top is also great.

Red-and-black-printed-pencil-skirtClassiques $168

Do you love wearing black?