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How To Wear Floral Patterns


Good Floral

I am not a fan of girlie fashions like florals. That does not mean I never like them or recommend them. It means I rarely, rarely wear them or recommend them. Too often florals goes so wrong, particularly during spring. You must choose this girlie girl pattern judiciously. You really need a sharp eye to get the right kind of floral. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when choosing florals. 

Think artistic flowers versus realistic ones. Bright florals are usually a bad thing, darker or richer tones are better. Keep the idea of balance in mind – florals are far more interesting on a structured dress than a floofy dress. The contradiction of a structured dress and romantic florals will create a chic look whereas a flowy floral dress just looks likes a nine-year old tea party attendee. Which can be fun, but not fashionable. Here are some good and bad examples of florals:


Bad Floral - unless you put a black blazer over it.

Good Floral – Forever 21


Bad Floral - the shape of the blouse and the added bow are so dated. This would have been a great foral pattern if it was placed on a more timeless garment.

Good Floral – Lafayette


Bad Floral – Too sweet. This belongs on a young girl. Not a stylish woman.


Good Floral –
Banana Republic


Bad floral – Too retro. 

Good Floral – Helene Berman


Bad Floral – I wore this when I was nine, too girly! 

Good Floral – Halogen Cardigan 


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