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How To Wear Lingerie Under Your Valentine’s Outfit

Bra Show SHirt

You have a Valentine’s date. Maybe your plans involve dinner or a romantic walk. Maybe your night will have drinks and dancing. If you are feisty, your Valentine’s day will involve all three scenarios. At the end of the evening, you are kissing. His hand starts creeping under your outfit. You stop him, set him on your bed or couch, and tell him to wait while you change into lingerie from Ann Summers or another sultry outlet. Although there is sexiness in making a man wait for you to slip into your negligee, I believe it is sexier, and more stylish, for him to discover your sexy something underneath your evening’s outfit. They don’t call it underclothes for nothing. Insert wink.

To make it easier on your self, a sheer bra and panty set is a sensual treat under your dress. Another idea, pick a printed bra set and wear a low cut top or dress that will complimentary the bra’s colors. When creating this combo, keep in mind the “trash” factor. You want a sexy look not a sleazy vibe.


My last, and favorite, way to incorporate lingerie into an outfit, make it your top! Pair a bustier with a high waisted skirt. You want a high waisted skirt versus a skirt that hits at your hips because it is more modern and less forward. When selecting a bustier for this pairing, avoid sheer. Full coverage is best, unless you want to the waiter staring at your nipples instead of your eyes.

Lingerie isn’t your thing? Want something a little more simple? A pair of thigh high stockings or nude fishnets under your skirt will do the trick. 


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