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How To Wear Nude Colored Clothing


You see that shade out there tempting you. It's sometimes called champagne, sand, flesh, a translucent pink. Whatever you want to call it, I call it nude. When wearing a nude color you don't actually want to match your skin tone. In fact if you match it to your skin tone it may wash you out. Instead choose a shade that is two or three or more shades lighter or darker than your skin color. Also keep in mind that texture and details look fabulous on a naked fabric. 

Above, Dakota Fanning shows off a fabulous naked suede and nude beading look in this Elie Saab dress. The shades are very close to her actual skin tone, but it works because of the change of textures. If she had on a jersey dress in these colors, it would be too naked. As a side not I am not a fan of this dress paired with those shoes, but separately – fabulous!

To do a naked look at home keep these things in mind:

1) Nude pants are not cool. Looking like you left your pants at home is not very stylish or interesting even if the pant has texture. 

2) Nude shoes make you look taller and is a great exception for matching a shade to your skin tone. Your shoe's color will never "wash you out."

3) Black or dark skinned women look fabulous in basically all Caucasian nudes. Think of Keri Hilson at the Grammy's this year.

4) A nude dress in any structured, strong or textured fabric is a great addition to your wardrobe.

5) A nude tank is an essential wardrobe item to wear underneath your sheer.

6) If you find a fabulous nude blouse, let me know. I haven't seen a good one!

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