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How To Wear Timeless Stripes


The pattern that terrorizes men’s closets is now after you. That’s correct, next time you kick into a clothing store, stripes are going to tackle you. I don’t mean to scare you, just prepare you…

To succeed with stripes you must tread with caution. The wrong stripe can make you look like a little girl, boring, or sporty in a bad way. First step in avoiding this: don’t pair a striped tunic with leggings. Best to skip striped leggings as well. A legging and stripe combination gives the boring, girly, sporty impression we would like to evade.

The best striped garment will give you a vintage, edgy or bold look. Selectivity is your tool in acquiring this exquisite stripe. Some stripes to look into…

The Nautical:

Thin blue stripes spaced an inch or two apart on a three-quarter sleeve length, boat neck Tee. A timeless and elegant stripe that throws back to lovely, beach bound, starlets in decades past. Elie Tahari has put together a wonderful example with the wide leg slack. Another pairing option, tuck it into high waisted silk shorts, or hip hugging denim shorts.


The Graduated Stripe:

Interesting and edgy, the graduated gives the repetition of the stripe a run for its money. Forever 21 has a fun graduated stripe tank to pair with colored jeans, or tuck into skirts.


Avant Garde Vertical Stripe

Multiple colors, an asymmetrical silhouette and variation in stripe will create a bold, far from generic, striped look. Pictured above is Rebecca Minkoff Long Striped Delhia Dress

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