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How To Wear Ugg Boots



Maybe it is getting cold in your area, maybe not, but the fact is the chill will eventually swoop in on you and you are going to need to know how to pull off those Ugg boots you can’t seem to stop wearing.

Known fact: Ugg boots are a utilitarian boot used for comfort and warmth in the cold season.

Known fact: Ugg boots have become somewhat of a fashion faux pas after numerous girls and women have worn them to death with dresses, denim skirts and boot leg jeans. How can you save the Ugg boots you know and love? Go back to the basics using these Five Ugg Rules.

1) Rule One: This boot is a useful shoe for cold days so only wear it in the winter on cold days with a cold weather look. A hip length jacket that cinches in on your waist with a scarf makes great Ugg partners.

2) Rule Two: Skip any bedazzlement. You can get it in any color you want, but it shall not have any designs on it. No beads, no diamonds, no crystals, no peace sign.

3) Rule Three: DO NOT wear it with dresses, skirts, bootleg jeans, velour suits, pajamas, or slacks.

4) Rule Four: DO wear it with leggings, jeggings, or another tight pant that you can tuck into your boot.

5) Rule Five: Wear it with confidence. If you adore it, by all means, get nuts with those things. Just don’t wear it everyday. Like many shoes, Uggs isn’t made to support your arches.

Fashion Forward Hint: If you want to get fashion forward with your Uggs, pair it with some parachute gypsy pants that have elastic at the ankle. You won’t look very thin, but it might be fun.

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