I found it! I found the perfect, most fabulous mascara. I cannot even begin to portray how excited I am! The culprit of my luscious lashes is Cover Girl Exact Eyelights mascara. What’s funny though is my love for it has nothing to do with all that jazz Cover Girl and Rihanna are advertising. Supposedly it brightens your eye color. Well, I don’t see any extra brightness in my eyes and I have not discovered any tint, glint or metallic whatever on my lashes. The ads and their website go on and on about how this mascara will enhance your unique eye color, but I don’t see any of that.



What I do see is extra long, thick looking lashes that are individually separated. Even when I put on coat after coat, each lash gets longer and fuller without clinging to its neighboring lashes. It is so easy! I don’t even know what to say – I am just so happy. I have been using it for a couple weeks now to be sure I loved it prior to writing about it and I have to say, it is officially true love. I didn’t even pay that much – $6 on a Target sale shelf to be honest. Oh, the perks of behaving like an old immigrant woman can bring hot finds at sweet bargains.

This mascara was not gifted.