Kate Moss Shops at Rellick Boutique in London

Kate Moss Shops at Rellick Boutique in London

The Vintage Store Rellik in London is renowned for its high-end vintage goodies. It was here that Kate Moss purchased her Vivienne Westwood vintage pirate boots that were all the rage. Being a major fan of good vintage I made sure to check it out. You have to ring a bell to get in which I assume is to monitor their guests and ensure no one from the random neighborhood they are located in will wander in. I must say though I was not impressed. The place looked like an average thrift store, with a few fabulous accessories and a couple racks of mostly mediocre clothing. Everything was priced extra high, the place was really small and my every move was followed by one of the middle-aged men that work there. I have never felt more uncomfortable in a store in my entire life. Not even when I was a lone 15-year-old on rodeo drive. Out of principle, I did not purchase the purple Balenciaga sunglasses or the mega sized gold and amber turtle necklace I enjoyed.

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  1. vintage b
    September 2, 2008 / 1:36 pm

    I have found some really cool stuff at Rellick; however, like most vintage stores, it is hit or miss. You have to keep going. Everything in the UK is expensive by American standards, but a unique piece of vintage still costs less than mass produced department store fashion. Still, you can’t avoid the feeling that the best stuff has been saved for the Kate Mosses of the world…

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