Kate Moss Shops at Rellick Boutique in London

The Vintage Store Rellik in London is renowned for its high-end vintage goodies. It was here that Kate Moss purchased her Vivienne Westwood vintage pirate boots that were all the rage. Being a major fan of good vintage I made sure to check it out. You have to ring a bell to get in which I assume is to monitor their guests and ensure no one from the random neighborhood they are located in will wander in. I must say though I was not impressed. The place looked like an average thrift store, with a few fabulous accessories and a couple racks of mostly mediocre clothing. Everything was priced extra high, the place was really small and my every move was followed by one of the middle-aged men that work there. I have never felt more uncomfortable in a store in my entire life. Not even when I was a lone 15-year-old on rodeo drive. Out of principle, I did not purchase the purple Balenciaga sunglasses or the mega sized gold and amber turtle necklace I enjoyed.